Configuring Mail Server Section with Office365 SMTP Host.
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Configuring Mail Server Section with Office365 SMTP Host.


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Setting up Clarity On Premise - Mail Server Section under CSA with Office365 SMTP host to send out email notifications.


Clarity On Premise Only 


Refer to Mail Server documentation:

  • Create a relay for the as <where XXXXX represents the company domain>.
  • Specify the office365 office user credentials and authenticate to login to the relay host.
  • Then under Clarity CSA:
    • Hostname : Provide the SMTP relay host created.
    • Default Sender Email Address : Define the same email used to authenticate against the relay host.
    • Use Authentication: Uncheck
  • Save the CSA configuration and restart CA PPM Services to validate email notifications are being sent.

Additional Information

Note: Make sure the CA PPM Application server public facing IP Address is registered in the SPVF list; else the emails ends up in spam/junk folder.