How to Modify a CCA Blueprint to discover a newer version of a product


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CCA provides many out of the box blueprints; as time goes on, products get updated (newer versions), but the blueprints maybe not be.updated in time to match the new product version.  Most of the CCA Blueprints attempts to discover a version and runs a validation of that version to determine if that blueprint being discovered is truly found.  If there is a version mismatch, then the component is not discovered


Component: CAACM


As the OOTB Blueprints are readonly, you will need to make a copy of the blueprint first, ensuring you update the component version in the version description (rename as needed).  Based on the OS the product is installed, the version can be found using various methods.  In Windows, common places are the Registry and/or some Configuration File.  For Unix\Linux, it is usually a Configuration File, but at times a command can be run to output the version information

You can view the original blueprint to see how\where the version is attempting to be discovered on, usually found in "Component Parameters and Variables" as "Version".  At times, it can also be found in "Discovery Verification Rules".  Either case, for validation of the version, that would reside in "Discovery Verification Rules".  This means that is (example) if a command is run to obtain the version of the component, which may output 7.1, but the blueprint is only intended for 5.* or 6.*, the Verification would run a regex against the discovered value to determine if the component is valid. 

That verification is where you can change the value to accommodate the new product version.  Alternatively, by removing the verification, you would discover all versions of that component.  Keep in mind that in doing so, you may get duplicate results if the original blueprint is still enabled, so be sure to disable to reduce the discovery overhead.

Also, keep in mind that this method works a majority of the time for new versions of a product that keep the same\similar component structure.  Software that is a rewrite tends not to be have the same setup in the blueprint discovery methods