Warning: "The time periods requested do not exist" moving through periods on a TSV field


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Receive an alert when trying to scroll through (move to future or past periods) in a portlet grid or after changing time-scaled (TSV) view configurations within views/portlets such as

  • Home > Project > Team > Detail
  • Home > Resource > Allocations > Detail

The warning received is "Alert: The time periods requested do not exist. Review the column's Time Scale settings". What does govern the alert above? Is there a way to extend the date ranges for Time Slices in Clarity so this issue doesn't happen?


This is not an error message, but a warning that the information cannot be displayed due to date range constraints. The alert is given when the limit of the following availability internal time slices is reached: D_AVL, W_AVL, M_AVL. There are external and internal slices that exist in Clarity. Internal slices are not exposed in the Administration > Data Administration > Time Slices page, due to potential performance issues. Availability related internal time slices will ALWAYS need to be extended together with the slice wanted. It is always recommended to keep all the internal time slice ranges in sync.


Release: All Supported Releases
Component: Clarity Time Slices


Check to see if the time periods are outside of the time slice range:

  • The out-of-the-box internal timeslice range is as follows:
    • 28 Daily - 7 days in the past, the current day and 3 weeks in the future
    • 16 Weekly - 2 weeks in the past, the current week and 13 weeks in the future
    • 36 Monthly - 4 quarters in the past, the current quarter and 7 quarters in the future
  • There is a pre-approved new internal timeslice range that can be used to extend time slice dates (SaaS / GCP Customers please contact Broadcom support):
    • 42 Daily - 7 days in the past, the current day and 4 weeks in the future
    • 45 Weekly - 4 weeks in the past, the current week and 40 weeks in the future
    • 51 Monthly - 4 quarters in the past, the current quarter and 12 quarters in the future
      • These can be extended as per attached ExtendInternalSlices14X.zip
      • In order to do so follow the instructions at the ExtendInternalTimeslice14X.txt file
  • On Premise customers can run the below query to check what these internal slices <D_AVL, W_AVL, M_AVL>

LAST_UPDATED_DATE, LAST_UPDATED_BY, TABLE_NAME, is_active, is_synchronous 
from prj_blb_slicerequests 
where 1=1 
order by To_Date

Additional Information

To extend external slices found in Clarity->Administration->Time Slices See KB: Extend Weekly or other Period Type Time Slices

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