XCOM for Windows XCOMN0322E Cannot access file server ...
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XCOM for Windows XCOMN0322E Cannot access file server ...


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XCOM Data Transport XCOM Data Transport - Windows


When performing a XCOM  loopback transfer on a Windows machine, seeing an error if using files stored in a NAS:
XCOMN0322E Cannot access file server: <second message>

The <second message> is typically one of:
"No more data is available"
"Not enough server storage"
"Not enough memory to complete transaction"

If the transfer is rerun, after 2 or 3 attempts it ends successfully.  This problem starting happening after implementing the NAS.


Release: CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows
Component: XCPCNT


Transfers are failing on the remote side and the problem lies outside the scope of XCOM i.e. it is related to the file share access.
The problem could be multiple parallel access to the share with different user accounts or some other reason which is not related to XCOM.
In general it is recommended to review the NAS permissions for the users used in transfers and contact the administrator of the storage to determine possible reasons for this behavior e.g check logs from the NAS that audit the access to shared locations.

Additional Information

1. In this type of error message, the first part of the message i.e. "XCOMN0322E Cannot access file server" is from XCOM and is fixed.
The second part of the message contains additional information from the Windows API which will vary on a case by case basis: Windows API Development - System Error Codes (0-499)

2. The IRPStackSize may need to be increased on the file server (not on the XCOM Windows machine):
For further diagnosis the following file share data can be captured for own research or when creating a support case for XCOM support to assist:
a. If the XCOM for Windows Server is using a Linux file server, capture share data from that server using the "smbstatus" command (both when XCOM transfers are running successfully and when seeing the XCOMN0322E messages).
b. If the XCOM for Windows Server is using another Windows machine as file server, collect data from that server using:
Right mouse click on the bottom left Windows key > Computer Management > Shared Folders > Sessions