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This document would give you simplified process of integrating the CA Business Intelligence JasperReports Server 6.3 with UIM.

Deploying the cabi_external version 3.2 or later probe allows a separate CABI Server instance to communicate with CA UIM.


  • UIM: 8.51
  • cabi_external: 3.20 or later
  • CA Business Intelligence JasperReports Server: 6.3.0


Before proceeding with the integration of CABI JasperReports Server and UIM, make sure you have different servers for CABI Jasper server, CABI robot and UMP.

1. Download the CA Business Intelligence JasperReports Server 6.3 from UIM product downloads and install on dedicated server.

2. Create tomcat as a service. If you are using Microsoft SQL Server Windows Authentication, the CABI Server system, cabi or cabi_external probe robot, and UMP robot must have Windows operating systems. No requirements exist for matching operating systems if you are NOT using Microsoft SQL Server Windows Authentication.

Refer the following link for steps (look at (Microsoft SQL Server Windows Authentication Only) Configure Windows Authentication):

3. Choose any robot server under Primary hub where you would like to install the cabi_external probe.

4. Download the below required cabi packages from your primary hub archive.


Drag and drop the cabi-mcs-template probe to primary hub robot.

6. Drag and drop cabi_external (3.20 or later) on to the target robot server.

7. You can view the cabi log (right click on cabi_external probe and click on "View Log") following message for successful installation.

[UserSynchronizationThread, <cabi_probe_name>] Finished synchronizing users between UIM and CABI

8. Once the above messages appears, probe starts uploading basic component packages like uim_core_dashboards_pack, uim_cabi_health_report_pack, and uim_unified_reporter_pack.                                  

9. Till now installation of cabi_external probe is finished. However you would need to follow below to configure CABI and create reports.

10. Open the cabi_external probe in Raw configure mode.

11. Under Setup section, verify if the cabi_url has set to Jasper Server Home path. If not, please add / edit the key and add the path "http://<CABI_Server_IP or hostname>:<port>/jasperserver-pro" and click on OK.

12. Below steps required to configure CABI Server to work with an instance of CA UIM.

     a. Log in to the CABI server.

     b. Go to the folder <UIM_installation>/probes/service/cabi_external/config/bin on the robot.

     c. Copy the uim-cabi-overlay-installer.jar file

     c. Log in to the CABI Jasper Server

     d. Go to the folder location <CABI_Server_installation>/Program Files/CA/SC/CA Business Intelligence

     e. Paste uim-cabi-overlay-installer.jar file here.

     d. Open the command prompt and go to location "<CABI_Server_installation>/Program Files/CA/SC/CA Business Intelligence" and set the following environment variables.

JAVA_HOME=<CABI_Server_installation>/Program Files/CA/SC/CA Business Intelligence/jre/bin

     e. Run the jar file using following command.

 java -jar uim-cabi-overlay-installer.jar

     f. Restart the tomcat service.

13. Deactivate the wasp probe and deploy ump_cabi package from Primary hub archive to UMP robot server.

14. Open the wasp probe in Raw configure mode.

15. Under Setup section, verify if the cabi key has set to cabi_external probe path. If it is not set, Add / edit the key and provide the path to cabi_external probe.


16. Click on Ok and then activate the wasp probe.


17. Once port and PID allocated to wasp probe, login to UMP and Once USM page is loaded, click on “Unified Dashboards -> CA Business Intelligence Dashboards”, you will be able to see and access soft link to Jasper portal.


18. To view the alarm summary, click on “Unified Dashboards -> CA Business Intelligence Dashboards -> Summary Dashboard”

In case if you have any issue while following the steps, feel free to contact CA Support.

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