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UIM - Force MCS to redistribute all the profiles which have previously failed


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have had some servers get their robots re-installed and it doesn't look like the mon_config_service is re-distributing the configuration of MCS. Making a change to the profile in OC  MCS GUI seems to re-distribute the profile, but we have many servers and profiles to do this for so it takes far too long to do manually.


Is there a way to force a redistribution of all the failed profiles en masse?


Release: UIM 20.x
Component: UIMMCS


1. Deactivate mon_config_service probe on the primary hub.


2. Run the following query against your backend SQL database (works on all platforms):

update ssrv2profile set status='new' , retries=1 where status = 'error' and cs_id is not null;


3. Activate mon_config_service probe and it will redistribute all the failed profiles

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