Clarity Action Trace Not Working


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Clarity PPM On Premise


  • After enabling the action trace in Clarity,  the action trace does not display any results.
  • The app trace file (example: app-trace.xml files is blank)


  1. Make sure username matches the case correctly for username you see in Administration : Users
  2. Make sure Detect Changes automatically is checked on the logger.config page, if not, restart of services is required 
  3. Make sure the following parameters are NOT in the properties.xml file (or if there, they should both be set to True if there for tracing to generate correctly)
  • If the above parameters are found, temporarily change these to the below (or remove them)
  • Once tracing is completed, set these back to "false" to avoid performance issues and restart services. 
       4. If the above doesn't help, replace the logger.xml file using the steps below: 
  • Backup the file $CLARITY_HOME/config/logger.xml 
  • Replace $CLARITY_HOME/config/logger.xml with $CLARITY_HOME/.setup/templates/config/logger.xml 
  • Restart the app and bg services
Note: If you are a CA SaaS Customer, please contact CA Support for assistance for steps 3 and 4 above

Additional Information

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