Client Automation - Error SDM228481 when a SD job is sent to an Agent
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Client Automation - Error SDM228481 when a SD job is sent to an Agent


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Client Automation allows you to send Software Delivery jobs to agents, if you get an error there might be multiple reasons why this happens, here is one possible error and solution:  

Why I am I getting  the following error when I send an SD job to an Agent which is also a Scalability server:

"Job execution error. Native OS error: 2 - The system cannot find the file specified.. [SDM228481]"


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The Scalability Server will have two components installed, the Scalability Server component and the Agent.

The Scalability Server should point to the Domain Manager whereas, the agent component should point to itself i.e. localhost.

This error can occur if the target Agent is pointing to a Scalability Server (SS) which has its own Agent pointing to any other SS than localhost.

To solve the problem execute the following command on the Scalability server:

caf setserveraddress localhost  

If that commands fails you might need to use(since agents on SS's are not supposed to be changed):

ccnfcmda -cmd setparametervalue -ps itrm/agent/solutions/generic -pn serveraddress -v localhost -manager

To test then run caf setserveraddress  and the response should be localhost