Reinitializing the CA Dispatch SVC. (Also known as the SVCREDO procedure).
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Reinitializing the CA Dispatch SVC. (Also known as the SVCREDO procedure).


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There may be times when you will need to reinitialize the CA Dispatch SVC and reload the CADDSPLx environments modules into memory without performing an IPL.


For example, you may see the following messages after the application of operating system compatibility maintenance when you attempt to start up the CADDSPLx environment, even though you have the compatibility maintenance applied successfully:


CADS012E CADDSPLI Unsupported release/level of JES

CADS014I CADDSPLI JESLIT value is: z/OS ?.??

CADD099E CADDSPL1 CADDSPL initialization error

CADD051E Cannot locate control block CADDSNT 

How can re-initializing the CA Dispatch SVC and reloading of the CADDSPLx environments modules be accomplished without an IPL?





SVCREDO Procedure for release 11.7 of CA Dispatch:                                                      

You need to remove the programs loaded into memory from the CAIRIM (CAS9) that was run at IPL time.

To do this:

* Make sure CA Dispatch and the CADDSPLx environment is DOWN first!
You can find SAMPLE JCL to perform the SVC REDO procedure in the      
CA Dispatch CADSJCL library using member DSEXSTRT and modifying the   
DSLIST control member found in the CADSOPTN library.                   
Delete the previously loaded modules by specifying the following input
control parameter in the DSLIST member and submitting the DSEXSTRT job
which executes CAS9:                                                  
Once you have done the above,  then run the DSEXSTRT job (CAS9)     
one more time with only the following input control parameter coded in
the DSLIST member:                                                    
This should reinitialize the CA-Dispatch SVC and reload the necessary 
CADDSPLx related modules into memory. Verify that DSINIT gets RC=00 from
the messages shown on the system log when DSEXSTRT (CAS9) runs.       
Look for the following messages for confirmation;                     
CADS015I DSINIT Module CADDSNT  at AEB0E000 added                     
CADS015I DSINIT Module CADDMSG  at B1B73000 added                     
CADS015I DSINIT Module CADDMSGI at AEB11000 added                     
CADS015I DSINIT Module CADDSPAU at A07EB0E8 added                     
CADS015I DSINIT Module CADDSPOI at AEC1F410 added                     
CADS015I DSINIT Module CADDTABU at AE81F000 added                     
CADS014I DSINIT JESLIT   value is: z/OS 2.3                           
CADS004I CA-Dispatch SVC Initialization Successful                    
CAS9130I - Module DSINIT complete, RC=00


Try starting the CADZSPLx task using the following start command:
/S CADDSPLx,,,REINIT                                            
Then start CA Dispatch.