NFA data not seen in CAPC, but is seen in NFA


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


When viewing an interface in CAPC, there is no NFA data present on some interfaces.  However, if you look at the same data in NFA directly data is present.


This is usually caused by multiple interfaces having the same ifindex in NFA.
This can happen after a device's hardware or interfaces are updated and NFA remaps the interfaces.


Release: RAIB1H99000-9.3-Network Flow Analysis-Interface Bundle-Hardware


1. Go to the Admin->Enable Interfaces page in NFA and find the device.

2. Expand the device to display the interfaces and sort by the "iflr" column which will represent the ifindex.

3. Make note of the interface names with the same ifindex values.

4. Go to Admin->Physical & Virtual page and find the interfaces with the same ifindex.

5. Verify that the interface with the current last data timestamp is still receiving flow.

6. To get data to show in CAPC you will need to either delete older interfaces with the same findex from the Physical & Virtual page or merge the older interface into the current interface.  If you merge the older interface into the new one, make sure to check the box for "Delete source interface after merging data".

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6. Wait for the merge to complete and for the older interface to be deleted, which may take some time.

7. Once the older interface is deleted, go to CAPC->Admin->Data Sources and click resync on the NFA Data Source, and check the box for "Perform a Full Re synchronization".

The full resync may take some time, and after that completes you will have to wait for CAPC to complete its Global Sync.  Once both complete you should be able to see current data in CAPC for that interface again.

Additional Information

See also Certain NFA users cannot see interfaces if this does not resolve the issue.