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CA API Management: Seeing a high number of MySQL connections under your Gateway ping service


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STARTER PACK-7 CA Rapid App Security CA API Gateway


A high number of MySQL connections may be seen when reviewing the output of the Gateway (ssg) ping service

You may notice a high number of connections (two million connections plus) under the output of the ping service:



You will see this in most versions of Gateway 8.4 and above where you have MySQL installed. Trying to see the status of MySQL database from the ping service from Https:\\ServerName:8443/ssg/ping


This connection represents the lifetime connections to the server and it is not an indication that there is a problem on your server. It simply keeps track of all connections made to the MySQL from Day one.


mysql> show status like '%onn%';


| Variable_name            | Value   |


| Aborted_connects         | 2636873 |

| Connections              | 2707763 |

| Max_used_connections     | 610     |

| Ssl_client_connects      | 0       |

| Ssl_connect_renegotiates | 0       |

| Ssl_finished_connects    | 0       |

| Threads_connected        | 14      |


7 rows in set (0.00 sec)


Additional Information

Refer to this MySQL link for additional information on the connection



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