6.6 Upgrade Best Practices


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What best practices are available for upgrading to CA Release Automation v6.6 or 6.7?

We would like to take any available best practices into consideration before upgrading CA Release Automation to version 6.6 or 6.7


CA Release Automation
Versions 6.6, 6.7



Please review the  Migration Best Practices section of the documentation which details the prerequisite and recommended upgrade path.
For example, if you are upgrading from version 5.5.2 to version 6.7 the upgrade path would be from 5.5.2 -> 6.1 -> 6.4 -> 6.6 -> 6.7.


  1. Backup:
    • The <MgmtServerInstallDir> file system on the CA Release Automation management server; and
    • The CA Release Automation database (as determined by the <MgmtServerInstallDir>/webapps/datamanagement/WEB-INF/distributed.properties).

  2. Review the upgrade sections in the product documentation.
  1. Backup the jre/lib/security/cacerts keystore on agent machines that communicate with https servers before upgrading the agents to 6.6. In order for an agent to establish a successful SSL Handshake with https servers (via a variety of actions) the agent needs to have that https servers certificate imported into its cacerts keystore. Having a backup of this keystore will ensure that you can restore the needed certificates. This is related to the following KB article: agent certificate problems after upgrade

  2. If CA Release Automation is integrated with LDAP then you should review your distributed.properties file to see if there is a username supplied (only used for importing ldap groups). If so, confirm the length of that username value. If it exceeds 100 characters then please review the solution in the following KB article: ASAP and ROC Logout 404 Errors After Upgrade To 6.6

  3. The following very valuable resources are also available for familiarizing yourself with upgrades, upgrade plans and architecture:

Additional Information

If you encounter the error "Checking for running jobs..Active jobs were found. Please stop all active jobs and continue the upgrade process"

Please see the following KB for resolution details: