Out of the Box Idea Attribute Values Do not Copy from Idea to Project


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When converting an Idea to a Project using a process, the out of the box Idea attribute values do not copy over to the project. This behavior is only seen when converting an Idea to a Project using a process. If the Idea is converted manually using the Convert button, all mapped fields copy over.

Steps to Reproduce: 
1. Go to Administration - Objects - Idea
2. On the Attributes tab, find an out of the box attribute that is specific to the Idea object (Example: Impact)
3. Copy the ID of the attribute (Example: impact)
4. Go to Administration - Objects - Project 
5. On the Attributes tab, click on New 
6. Create a new String attribute having the same ID as the attribute from Step 2 (Example: impact)
7. Go to the Views tab, and add this attribute to a section in the Layout: Create view
8. Go the Administration - Processes
9. Create a new process on the Idea object (Start Option: On Demand)
10. On the Start Step add a System Action, and for the Action, select Convert Idea to Project
11. The process only needs this one step, then Validate and Activate the Process
12. Create an Idea and enter a value for the Impact field
13. Go to the Processes tab on the Idea, and Start the process created on steps 8-12
14. Go to Home - Projects and find the project that was created

Expected Results: The newly created project has the same value that the Idea had for the Impact
Actual Results: The Impact on the newly created project is blank


Release: CODFSS99000-15.4.1-PPM SAAS FedRAMP-Sandbox-Small Environment


The reason for the difference in behavior is that when using the Convert button through the UI is that the custom attribute defined on the Project Object is on the CREATE layout.  When doing the conversion using a process, the workflow has no knowledge that the attribute on the Idea object should be mapped to the custom attribute on the Project Object.  

Additional Information

KB000049970: Clarity: Mapping Idea attributes to Project attributes