Projects created from a template are also templates
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Projects created from a template are also templates


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


When a new project is created from a template, the new project is also set to be a template. 


Release: All Supported
Component: Clarity Project Management


If the Project Create View on the Project Object includes the Template checkbox field, this issue will occur. The Template (yes/no) value will be copied over from the template to the new project.  Attributes configured on the Create page provide a method to ensure the default settings are saved when an instance record is created.  


In order to prevent the new project from being created as a template, the Template checkbox needs to be removed from the Create View. It can remain on the Edit view, if already there. 

Steps to remove the template checkbox from the create view: 

  1. Navigate to the Project object in Administration, Studio: Objects 
  2. Click on Views tab 
  3. Click Project Properties, [Layout: Create] link 
  4. Click on the "Properties and Layout" icon for the 'General' section (Or the section that has the 'Template?' field) 
  5. Click on the "Template" field in the 'Selected Attributes' column and move the field to the 'Available Attributes' column 
  6. The next time you create a new project from a template, the template field should no longer be checked by default