Error- Bad Parameters on Request in Clarity 15.4.1 with IE11
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Error- Bad Parameters on Request in Clarity 15.4.1 with IE11


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Clarity PPM might stop working in several scenarios in Internet Explorer (IE11) :
  • Symptom 1: The following error in Classic UI:
 "The server was unable to parse the parameters on the URL or from a form. This may be caused by too many parameters on the URL or form - the maximum allowed is 10000. The request has been rejected." 
Several actions might cause this error:
  1. Restore Defaults on the Overview Page. 
  2. Admin -> Objects -> Project or Idea object -> Views -> Click on Fields Icon corresponding to any layout, and now Click on Return
  3. Add new attributes to an Object.
  4. Searching for attributes in an object.
  5. Saving Team's properties on a Project.
  • Symptom 2: Users are unable to upload documents to project space in the Collaboration tab
Note: This does not occur on every exact same scenario or on all Projects, but might be consistently encountered.


CA PPM 15.4 SP1 (15.4.1).

Does not occur in CA PPM 15.4 base.


This issue is caused by the Defect DE42037


This bug is fixed in 15.5 and higher and in (15.4.1 patch 1) ( 01 17)

Workaround: Use a non IE browser (Chrome or Firefox) in the meantime.
  • Note: Due to an issue 191277, on a recent Chrome update (83.0.4103.61) it's recommended to use Firefox until the issue is resolved 


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