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CA PPM does not verify that the New Password and Confirm password data given match when resetting password in the new UI


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


New UX: When resetting the password, PPM does not verify that the New Password and Confirm password data given match. Even if those do not match, password gets reset.

1. Log in to PPM and ensure new UX is enabled.
2. Go to Administration > Organization and Access > Resources.
3. Edit any user profile and add your email address and user email address.
4. Go to the new UX URL, let say: http://<server_name>/pm.
5. Click on Forgot Password.
6. Enter the user name you want to have the password reset.
7. You will receive an email like:
We have received a request to reset your CA PPM™ password. To proceed, please click on the following link. 
8. Open the link and you will find a window where you need to enter the new password 
9. Give as a New Password: Mynowpwd 
Confirm Password: Mynewpwd 
10. Submit it 

Expected Result: I should be alerted that both passwords given do not match. 

Actual Result: Password gets reset to Mynowpwd and no alert is given about password matching. As a typo was made when entering the password, If the user tried to log in using Mynewpwd an error "API-1029 : Authentication Error. Contact your system administrator for necessary action" will be received.


This issue is caused by an existing defect: DE41973


CA PPM 15.4
CA PPM 15.4 SP1


This issue has been fixed in CA PPM 15.5.

Workaround: Reset password again in new UX or reset it in the Classic UI