Mapping my workstation disks to make them available from a PAM RDP session.


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


Sometimes we may need to transfer files between our workstation disks and the computer we are accessing by RDP from within the PAM Client.
So, we should have a way to make the local disks available from within the RDP Session.
This document shows how to automatically map our local disk drives to allow the file transfers between both computers.

How can I map my workstation disks to make them available from a PAM RDP session?


Product: Layer 7 Privileged Access Manager
Version: 3.x


  • Open the PAM client user interface and go to 'Settings / Global Settings'

  • Go to the 'Applet Customization' tab and make sure that the 'Applet Copy Paste' and 'RDP Drive Mapping' are checked on. Press the 'SAVE' button.


  • Go to the 'Access' pane and click on the small blue triangle by the RDP Access Method session starter.


  • On the popup window make sure to check on the C:\ drive as'Mount Point' and press the 'LAUNCH' button.


  • The RDP Session starts. Open a Windows File Explorer and the local drive of your workstation should be available within the RDP Session as 'C on xsuite'.

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