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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


Questions on upgrading DE11.3.3 to r12.0.02.

Currently running 11.3.3 DE server and desktop client. Can we upgrade the server to current shipping level 12.0.2 and upgrade desktop client at later time? Will our desktop client, accessed via citrix, be usable by the different versions? What is the impact?

Having DEV/QA and Prod environments, how are the different versions compatible with each other. Our normal upgrade process is to upgrade DEV, QA a couple weeks later, followed by Prod a couple weeks later. Are the versions compatible enough to allow this? Will artifacts created in DEV 12.0.2 be usable in 11.3.3 versions in QA/Prod?


CA Workload Automation DE 11.3.3 and r12.0.02


You cannot upgrade the DE Server to r12.0.02 and upgrade the Desktop Client later because the Desktop Client 11.3.3 is NOT compatible with DE r12.0.02 version. So the Desktop Client 11.3.3 version cannot work on any r12 and higher releases.

As per DE r12.0.02 documentation, “When you upgrade the server to the latest version, ensure that CA WA Desktop Client, Stand-alone CLI Utility, or CA WA Web Services that you use is also in the latest version.”

Also due to schema change, the DE 11.3.3 and r12.0.02 versions are not compatible so artifacts created in DEV r12.0.2 cannot be usable in DE 11.3.3 versions in QA/Prod and vs-a-visa.

However, Desktop Client r12.0.01 is compatible with DE r12.0.02.

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