Virtual App FAQs
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Virtual App FAQs


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What are some frequently asked Questions about the Virtual App ?


Virtual App 


The VAPP is gets installed on a Virtual platform, it installs all the components need for IMAG, Identity Manager, Governance and Portal.
It also install all the pre-reqs need ... Java, Wildfly and CA Directory... etc.
They don't all need to be added, but they are installed if need.

1.  The VAPP comes with a small version of Oracle, but you will need to link to an External DB. Oracle and SQL are supported.

2. The VAPP does link to Siteminder.

3. How do the Import custom code ?? 

4. Wildfly is the only supported Webapp and that is installed when you install the VAPP,  you also only have limited access Wildfly. 

5  You can not upgrade Java, unless SE creates a patch to do that, which they could do if there is a major security breach with the version installed.

6. High Availability Add/Remove servers    Yes

7. External or Export import CA Directory Server ?  Yes, but it is not recommended 

8. There is no techdoc that walks you thru the migration from Standalone to the VAPP  

9. Rest API is supported.