S16D abend in DBUTLY when trying to reload after backup
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S16D abend in DBUTLY when trying to reload after backup


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I am running jobs CSMBK4K (successful) and CSMLD4K (abended) for the CA Chorus MUF using Datacom 14. I am receiving S16D RC=8 in the LOAD function. The MUF is running, the DBSRVR and Apache TomCat are not as instructed in CA Chorus Software Manager 6.0 under "Reorganizing your Database". I have captured an SVC dump for the S16D. I will terse and upload.


z/os 2.1, CA Datacom/AD 14.02 using CSM/MSM 6.0


SVC 109 used by DFSORT is not installed/initialized correctly


S16D abend generally means that the Sort SVC is not available. DFSORT in this case.

Problem was resolved by using another Sort which allows the DBUTLTY to work.

Additional Information

- From the DBUTLTY joblog trace:
The SVC call is for SVC 109 Routing code 17 (SVC X'6D' Route code x'11'), and Datacom v14 does not use SVCs, but DFSORT typically uses SVC 109. 
This seems to indicate that the problem was in SVC 109, and since that did not work, the job immediately went to SVC 13 (x'D') to dump. 
Customer could execute the DBUTLTY with another Sort (here CASORT instead of DFSORT).

- see also following IBM documentation:

ESR (SVC Extended Service Routine) prior the SVC D is SVC 109 (X'6D').
0008    means   A program specified an unsupported ESR code.