Mixing Component Versions
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Mixing Component Versions


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Can I mix DevTest component versions?


All DevTest supported versions and platforms.




The Registry and all the underlying components, must belong to the same release. Mixing component versions under a Registry is not supported.

The latest version of IAM and Enterprise Dashboard is currently backward compatible through version 8.0 and supports connections from Registries of multiple versions. However, IAM and Enterprise Dashboard itself must be the most recent version. For example, Enterprise Dashboard 10.7 can accept connections from 10.6 and 10.5 registries. Enterprise Dashboard 10.6 cannot accept connections from a 10.7 Registry.

It is therefore recommended that IAm and the Enterprise Dashboard be the first component to be addressed during an upgrade.  

NOTE: When needing to connect a DevTest 10.6.0 Portal AND Registry to a DevTest 10.7.0 or 10.7.2 IAM and Enterprise Dashboard refer to KB https://knowledge.broadcom.com/external/article?articleId=237830

Additional Information

Refer to section "Mixing Component Versions" in the documentation of the DevTest release you are running.