Mixed Sessions with IIS: IISCacheDisable not working
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Mixed Sessions with IIS: IISCacheDisable not working


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Some sessions are getting mixed while using NTLM/Kerberos authentication.

The IISCacheDisable ACO has been set, but it isn't effective (1).

The workaround is to use the Default application pool in classic mode instead of integrated.

  1. Does the IISCacheDisable needs further configuration?
  2. Why doesn't it seem to work?
  3. Is there any constraint of using the IIS application pool in Classic mode? The Web Agent is the only component running on IIS.



To solve this issue:

  1. Implement the "IISCacheDisable" ACO;
  2. Disable the 'Enable Cache' and the 'Enable Kernel Cache' in IIS at the Web Site level;
  3. If there are load balancers or other network devices that have 'Response Caching' enabled, disable it.


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