Dollar Universe Compatibility Matrix
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Dollar Universe Compatibility Matrix


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


How to find the Dollar universe compatibility list (Compatibility Matrix) on the Support Portal?


Release: Dollar Universe 5.x, 6.x, 7.x
Component: All


Option 1:

Go to the following page, it will download the latest version of the Compatibility Matrix:

Option 2: 

Go to the Broadcom Support Portal and then:


- On Broadcom Support Portal page displayed after signing in, click on "Download Management"

- Then, type "CA Automic Dollar Universe" as Software and then click on the link.

It should take you to


- Then click on "Components Download" which should point to:


- Select on the component list 'Dollar universe'

- Select on the sub-component list 'Documentation Compatibility Matrix' and your version

- Download the zip file