Adding Global Collections to Jaspersoft Ad Hoc reports
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Adding Global Collections to Jaspersoft Ad Hoc reports


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CA Spectrum


Out of Box, CABI Jaspersoft does not have Global Collection option for Ad Hoc Reports. Global Collection as a drop-down for creating Ad Hoc reports must be added manually. This document shows how to do just that.


Release: Any
Component: SPCJSP


1. First step is to log into Jaspersoft as superuser. NOTE: This procedure will make changes to the Domains, or data sources for reports. These types of changes can only be done with the superuser account.

2. Go to the Domains list.

3.  Edit the Alarm Domain.

4. Go to Domain Designer

5. With the Tables tab selected, move the v_dim_global_collections_member table from the left column over to the right.

6. Go to the Joins tab. In the left side, find v_dim_device_model. On the right side, find v_dim_global_collection_member.

7. Expand the tables and look for model_key on both left and right sides. Select each and click the "join" button.

8. Do the same for v_dim_model and v_dim_interface_model. Join the model_key of v_dim_model and v_dim_global_collection_member model_key. Join the model_key of v_dim_interface_model with v_dim_global_collection_member model_key. 

9. Once joined, verify settings in the far right pane. Scroll to bottom.

10. Go to Display tab and Create a New Set. Edit the label to show "Global Collections", ID to show "global_collections" and Description to show "Global Collections".

11. In Resources pane on the left, expand v_dim_global_collection_member, find "gc_name" and move over into the newly created "Global Collection" set. 

12. You can now click "OK" and "Submit" to save the changes. 

It should now be possible to add Global Collection as an option to any Alarm Domain Ad Hoc reports.

You can repeat the above process to add Global Collections to any other Domain, such as Asset Domain, Availability Domain, etc.

Additional Information

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that running the "Re-Deploy" option under OneClick web page > Administration > Report Manager > Jaspersoft Integration page will OVERWRITE changes made to Domains. If you are making the above changes to add Global Collections to Domains, then you want to back up Jaspersoft data in case "Re-Deploy" is run. You would then have to re-import your Jaspersoft backup and Domain edits. 

Please reference knowledge article 95735 "How-To Backup Custom Jaspersoft Adhoc Reports" for more information regarding Jaspersoft content Export/Import procedure.

For newer versions of Jaspersoft:

If you go into View > Repository up top and then go to Public > ca > Spectrum > domains you can select > right-click> edit on the GC object from there and it should bring you into the editor.