CA Directory : DSA will not start isolation
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CA Directory : DSA will not start isolation


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CA Directory


After isolating a host from the network of existing MW setup for troubleshooting purpose, you are not able to re-start this isolated DSA. Attempt to restart results in failure reporting:

Error: Syntax Error: Line 1 in D:\CA\Directory\dxserver\config\knowledge\dsa1.dxc near '6389' 
Invalid address dsa1_host 
Error: Syntax Error: Line 1 in D:\CA\Directory\dxserver\config\knowledge\dsa3.dxc near '6389' 
Invalid address dsa3_host
Error: Syntax Error: Line 1 in D:\CA\Directory\dxserver\config\knowledge\dsa4.dxc near '6389' 
Invalid address dsa4_host
** ALARM **: DSA_E1280 Error in initialization files 
DSA_E1280 Error in initialization files 
** ALARM **: DSA_I1240 DSA shutting down 
DSA_I1240 DSA shutting down 
Failed to start 


Component: ETRDIR


This is by design. During a startup sequence, specially in MW setup, the upcoming DSA 'pings' all related remote hosts where it's peer MW DSAs reside to check availability of those servers/hosts. 

NOTE: Keep in mind, the check it not made for availability of remote DSAs but rather for the machines/hosts themselves.

Changes are during some sort of maintenance process, you might have:

** Shutdown one or more of those remote hosts OR
** Put this problem host as part of troubleshooting process behind a firewall OR
** Took it off the network etc.

As those are out side of your current MW network, the existing DSAs on the network will still work while this one fail to start if for any reason you are required to RESTART this isolated set of DSAs.


Remove the reference of those working host/DSAs from this isolated DSAs which you are trying to restart. Doing so, the DSA that is coming line, will not ping the remote host and this local DAS should start successfully.