DX NetOps Spectrum install has options for Legacy Landscape Handle and Huge Landscape Handle during install.
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DX NetOps Spectrum install has options for Legacy Landscape Handle and Huge Landscape Handle during install.


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


During a new install of DX NetOps Spectrum, the landscape handle selection screen has been changed to allow the selection of the Legacy Landscape Handle or a Huge Landscape Handle:

Previous Spectrum deployments only allowed for a limited amount of models to be created on each SpectroSERVER. The CA Spectrum 10.2 code has been enhanced to allow for more models per SpectroSERVER, which will help to reduce the total number of SpectroSERVERs needed.


Release: All Supported Releases

Component: SPCINS - Install/Upgrade


The Legacy Landscape handle allowed for a total model count of 1,048,576 models per SpectroSERVER (SS).  The bit mode mask has been changed, and with CA Spectrum 10.2 the "Huge Landscape Handle" option drastically increases that model count to approximately 16,000,000.  While you can technically create that many models on one SS, CA will support 2,000,000 models per SS with CA Spectrum 10.2.  If you create more than 2,000,000 models and experience performance problems, CA reserves the right to request you utilize another SpectroSERVER to move models. 

If you are upgrading a previously saved SpectroSERVER database (SSdb), you will not have the option to choose. The install will automatically default to the Legacy Landscape Handle.

If you migrate a previously saved SSdb (using the $SPECROOT/SS/dbsavefile.SSdb method), you MUST choose the Legacy Landscape Handle.

The Legacy Landscape Handle needs to be selected when the following are true:

You need to upgrade or migrate a SpectroSERVER database from before 10.2 on any SS in a DSS. They are in multiples of 4.  For example:

4  - 0x100000
8  - 0x200000
12 - 0x300000
16 - 0x400000
20 - 0x500000


The Huge Landscape Handle needs to be selected when the following are true:

  • You are installing fresh and you are not upgrading or migrating a previously saved SpectroSERVER database file.

  • If you are installing fresh and using modeling gateway on all SS in 10.2, then select this option.

  • All SpectroSERVERs in your distributed SpectroSERVER environment will utilize the Huge Landscape Handle.

  • They are in multiples of 64.  For example:
64  - 0x1000000
128 - 0x2000000
192 - 0x3000000
256 - 0x4000000
320 - 0x5000000

Additional Information

  • You cannot have mixed versions in a Distributed SpectroSERVER (DSS) environment.  This will cause problems.  The catalog needs to be identical across all SS in a DSS.  Having a mix of SS with legacy landscape handles and huge landscape handles will immediately cause the catalogs to be out of synch.

  • If you try to load a SpectroSERVER database file that has a legacy landscape handle into a SS that was installed with the huge landscape handle, the load will fail with the following error:
    Error: Detected incompatible model mask configuration. The database
    is configured as 20 bits, but the server is configured as 24 bits.
    Database can't be loaded
  • Broadcom will not support transferring/changing from Legacy Landscape Handle to Huge Landscape Handle and vice versa.  If you need to revert to the other option, you will need to uninstall and reinstall 10.2 and select the option you need.

When merging databases in 10.2, you may opt to take your MLS SSdb from the pre 10.2 environment and use that as your 10.2 MLS SSdb so that you keep all models and SS configurations.  If you do this, you must choose the legacy landscape handle on ALL SS installs.  If you do not utilize any of your SSdb, and instead will use modeling gateway to export the modeling info from all SS and import it to 10.2, then select the huge landscape handle during install.

Please refer to this community post on upgrading scenarios and when to use the Huge Landscape handle:




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