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NimSoft Not Generating ServiceNow Incidents


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


ServiceNow Incidents stop being generated by the sngtw probe. This seems to be happening once every 48 hours or so. Although a simple restart of the service fixes the issue it s very inconveniencing and impact our Global Noc and Help-desk.

Also seeing errors similar to the following in the sngtw.log file at loglevel 5:

May 31 16:33:22:252 [Thread-143, sngtw] Start to find out the value of [u_mon_id] Node
May 31 16:33:22:260 [Thread-143, sngtw] Invalid byte 2 of 3-byte UTF-8 sequence.


The sngtw probe will not work in the UIM 8.51 environment using the 1.8 java_jre that is deployed in this environment unless a change is made to configure the sngtw probe to use the 1.7 java_jre.

The UTF-8 errors occur because the probe has a problem reading UTF 8 messages.



UIM 8.51
sngtw:  2.22


You must update the probe configuration to load JRE 7 when using this probe in a UIM 8.51 domain where the 1.8 java jre has been pushed to the hub where the sngtw probe is deployed.  This is accomplished by following these steps:

1.  Open Infrastructure Manager.
2.  Right click on the sngtw probe, and click Edit.
3.  Modify the value of the Command field to: <startup java 1.7>
4.  Click OK and restart the probe.

To allow the sngtw probe to be able to read UTF-8 messages, follow these steps:

1.  From Infrastructure Manger, select the sngtw probe -> Right click ->Edit...
2.  Replace the Arguments value with :


3.  To implement this change, you will need to deactivate the probe then activate it again.

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