Initial value for Internal Libraries?
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Initial value for Internal Libraries?


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When you first bring up the TCBLB1 panel entitled "Specify Internal Libraries", is the panel populated with an initial value or defaulted in anyway?
If so, where is this information stored?


Component: CGHE


Please know that there are no defaults. The screen where you 'Specify Internal Libraries' is completely blank until values are entered. 

The libraries are defined for each business system.
From the Application System Construction Menu, you can select option 5: 
      5. Specify target environment and construction libraries. 

Then, please select the different type libraries and continue. 
When you get to the LIBRARY object, you will need to type a ‘P’ beside it to see the library name. 

For information on how this question is stored, please use %tiewency. 
1. Start with any model that contains BUSSYS. 
2. Look for the TECHSYS. 
3. See if there is a HASGEN LIBUGEN assocation linked to it. 
4. If so, then a library is defined for this business system. 
There are the names which you are seeing when you select option 5 (above) for each business system.