How to edit CA Dataquery batch JCL in CICS
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How to edit CA Dataquery batch JCL in CICS


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When submitting a query from CICS to run in batch mode, pre-defined JCL is needed. The JCL used could be a default JCL member (called $$DQJCL) or it can be a JCL member customized for a user. This JCL used to submit a batch job with a user query is pre-defined, and it is maintained in a special panel within CA Dataquery.


Release: DATABB00200-14.0-Datacom/AD


In order to determine which JCL member could be causing the problem, it is necessary to see the user's screen before they press the PF3 key for SUBMIT. The JCL member that is used would be shown on that page. Here is an example:

In this example, the JCL member used is $$DQJCL (the system default member). Any other user JCL member could be specified here instead. If the JCL member specified is the default, then a system administrator should be contacted to make the change; otherwise, any user can change their own JCL. 

To change the JCL member, enter "JCL" in the command area on the top line to see a directory of JCL members. Enter the name of the desired JCL member in the START WITH: field and press <enter> to locate the member in the listing. Place the cursor on the name in the list and press PF4 (Edit) to then make any changes or correct any problems in the JCL.

Once the changes have been made, press PF9 (Update) to save the changes to the current member, or change the name of the JCL member and press PF4 (Save) to create a new JCL member.

Additional Information

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