Customizing the Next button on CA IDM tasks
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Customizing the Next button on CA IDM tasks


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We have a task in CA IDM with multiple tabs configured with a Sequence Tab Controller. On the first tab CA IDM displays a "Next" button to go to next tab. Can we modify the text of the button from "Next" to some other text like "Proceed"?


Component: IDMGR


It is not possible to modify the "Next" button text on a per-task basis.  There are a few ways to handle it on a global basis, i.e. affecting all instances of the Next button.

One way to handle this is to modify the following property in (or other localized version of the IMSResources file):

This will affect the Next button on all tasks, not on a task by task basis.

An alternative to editing the text in the file would be to modify the JSP for the Sequence Tab tasks.  The Next button key for sequence tab is present in \global\app\page\tabsequence_tab_controller.jsp.  This would also be generic for all tasks having a sequence tab controller.

Snippet from tabsequence_tab_controller.jsp which can be modified :

(imh:button styleClass="im-button" type="submit" valueKey="" name="(%= tabSequenceContextImpl.getRequestStringForButton( TabSequenceContext.BUTTON_NEXT ) %)" /)

Modified JSP files can be overwritten on a upgrade so should be backed up before upgrading.