"Install Spectrum" option grayed out in Spectrum install GUI
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"Install Spectrum" option grayed out in Spectrum install GUI


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CA Spectrum


"Install Spectrum" option grayed out in Spectrum install GUI.  We launched the installer but cannot select the "Install CA Spectrum" option.




1.  The installation detected a prerequisite for installation is not installed
2.  There are spaces in the installation folder/directory
3.  The version of Spectrum is dependent on another version of Spectrum.


1.  Check the release note of the version you are attempting to install for the prerequisite requirement(s) for installation.  Usually this can happen if the Operating System is not supported or required patches are not installed.
2.  Verify there are no spaces in the folders or directory structure of the installer.  For example, you cannot put the installer in C:/Spectrum Installs/Spectrum.  You would need to remove the space: C:/Spectrum_Installs/Spectrum
3.  You are installing a version of Spectrum that requires a previous version.  For instance, if you are installing (aka 20.2.10) you must install first (20.2.7).  If you do not install 20.2.7 first the selection is grayed out for the 20.2.10 install.