How can I determine which LDAP field correlates to a Service Desk Manager contact attribute?
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How can I determine which LDAP field correlates to a Service Desk Manager contact attribute?


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Service Desk Manager has the ability to be configured to allow contacts to be imported from an external LDAP source.

There may be some question as to which attributes will import by default and how the LDAP fields correlate to the Service Desk Manager attributes.

This document provides information to determine how the fields correlate. There is information in the documentation that explains Attribute Mapping, but does not provide the complete details.


CA Service Desk Manager


Browse to the CA Service Desk Manager install folder and review the file:


If you review this file using a text editor you will see the following:



id              distinguishedName            STRING 512;

last_name       sn,pzLastName                STRING ;

first_name      givenName,pzFirstName        STRING ;

middle_name     initials,pzMiddleName        STRING ;

// userid          uid,sAMAccountName,pzUserName STRING ;// couldn't find pzUserName attribute on LDAP. May be deprecated!

userid          uid,sAMAccountName STRING ;

phone_number    telephoneNumber,pzWorkPhoneNumber STRING ;

alt_phone       mobile,pzMobilePhoneNumber   STRING ;

dept            department,pzDepartment      STRING ;

fax_phone       facsimileTelephoneNumber,pzFaxPhoneNumber STRING ;

beeper_phone    pager                        STRING ;

email_address   mail,pzEmailAddress          STRING ;

address1        streetAddress,pzAddress      STRING ;

city            l,pzCity                     STRING ;

ldap_state      st,pzState                   STRING ;

zip             postalCode,pzPostalCode      STRING ;

country         c,pzCountry                  STRING ;

ldap_org        o                            STRING ;

memberOf        memberOf                     STRING ;

ldap_dn         ldap_dn                      STRING ;

ldap_domainldap_domain     STRING ;

The first column represents the CA Service Desk Manager attribute, for example "last_name". The second column displays the LDAP related attributes, in the same example "sn,pzLastName"

Given this information you can see which CA Service Desk Manager attribute correlates to the LDAP attribute.

Additional Information

The altering of this file is not supported in any way. If you wish to customize LDAP attributes you must follow the method outlined in this documentation:

Documentation on configuring CA Service Desk Manager to connect to LDAP: