Access rights difference between Idea Creator and Idea Manager
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Access rights difference between Idea Creator and Idea Manager


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The Idea Creator/Requestor is not able to view the Description, Financial Summary and Settings sub page. 

Steps To Reproduce: 
1- Create a new user 
2 - Give the following access rights: 
Idea - Benefit Plan - Edit All 
Idea - Benefit Plan - View All 
Idea - Budget Plan - View All 
Idea - Cost Plan - Edit All 
Idea - Cost Plan - View All 
Idea - Edit Financial Information All 
Idea - Financial Plan - Submit All for Approval 
Idea - View Financial Information All 
Ideas - Create 
Resource - View Book - All 

3 - Login as the user and create a new idea 

Expected Result 
The user is able to view and edit Description,Financial Summary and Settings subpages

Actual result 
The user is not able to view/edit Description,Financial Summary and Settings subpages 


The Idea Requestor/Creator gives you the rights to view and edit the Idea General properties page and also submit the Idea for approvals. 
But just being a requestor/creator does not give you the view/edit access to the Description and Financial Summary page. This will have to be granted separately through instance rights. 
However, the Idea manager will have access to view and edit not only the general page of the Idea but also the Description and Financial Summary page. 

Additional rights are required to staff the Idea or manage the hierarchy of the idea.
The Idea Manager will require additional 'Idea - View Financial' access to view the financial details on the 'Settings' page.