How to configure Service Desk and Service Catalog integration so that to open service desk ticket link within a catalog request correctly


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CA Service Catalog and CA Service Desk integration requires using PKI instead of user/password credential.

In Administration -> Configuration -> CA Service Desk ,  “Enable PKI” needs to set as Yes.


CA Service Management 17.1 and higher.


A .  Following is the sequence of steps to configure the integration between Service Catalog and CA SDM using the PKI certificate

1)  Login to Service Desk Manager UI as an Administrator

2) Go to Administration --> Soap Web Services Policy -->Policies

3) Verify that the CASM_POLICY webservices policy exists

4) If it exists then confirm that the "Allow Impersonate" is checked

5) Open a command prompt on the CA SDM Server

and run the following command

        pdm_pki -p CASM_POLICY -f

to create the CASM_POLICY.p12 file

6) Copy the created CASM_POLICY.p12 from CA SDM Server to %USM_HOME on the catalog server

7) Login to Catalog UI as a Service Delivery Administrator go to Administration --> Configuration--> CA ServiceDesk

Set Enable PKI to 'Yes'

Ensure that the Keystore Name is set to CASM_POLICY (case sensitive)

Ensure that the Policy Code is set to CASM_POLICY (case sensitive)

B.  In service catalog and service desk integration ,  by design ,  the catalog UI will use the SDM tomcat port specified in Administration -> Configuration -> CA Service Desk  to open the SDM ticket within a catalog request .  If you want to configure catalog to use Service Desk IIS port 80 to open a SDM ticket within a catalog request ,  you will need to customize %USM_HOME%\view\webapps\usm\explorer\request\requestshared.xsl by doing the following :

1) Stop Catalog service

2) Change the Service Desk port to the Tomcat port in Administration > Configuration > CA Service Desk

3) Copy %USM_HOME%\view\webapps\usm\explorer\request\requestshared.xsl to %USM_HOME%\filestore\custom\explorer

4) Change the following in the requestshared.xsl in the filestore:

       a) Go to the function function openSDRequest(id)

       b) Change

             var sDPort = '<xsl:value-of select="$sdPort"/>';


              var sPort = '80';

5) Delete the contents of %USM_HOME%\view\translets

6) Start the Catalog service