Recommended DB2 started task acids
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Recommended DB2 started task acids


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We are looking to implement the DB2 Text Search product, and one of its requirements is that the DBM1 address space must have an OMVS segment. We currently have two acids for DB2: one for DIST (which has an OMVS segment with UID 0), and one shared by the other DB2 address spaces; this one does not have an OMVS segment. IBM's documentation indicates that all the DB2 tasks share a single user id. This would be helpful in that we would not need to add en extra OMVS segment. Any best practice documentation? The manual does not have much on setting up the DB2, tasks (except for DDF), compared to CICS and other software. Can we use a single id?


Component: TSSMVS


You can use the same acid for multiple started tasks (STCs). In fact, it is common practice to use the same acid for 'like' started tasks. If you want to use a different facility for two different address spaces, you will need to setup two different STC acids because only one MASTFAC can be added to an acid. Since in your case the region acid has to have an OMVS segment, you will either need to use the onethat already has an OMVS segment or add an OMVS segment to the one shared by the other DB2 address spaces. One thing we do recommend is that you set OPTIONS(4) in your TSS parameter file and give all STC acids a password. This way, when the STC is started, there isn't a prompt for the password, but if someone tries to signon using that acid, that person will have to enter the password.