How can we list the extended files with CA Vantage
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How can we list the extended files with CA Vantage


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


Ca Vantage contains several entry for such information: Data Sets All and SMS-DC. These views provides information that should be joined together to get the solution. 


Component: VANT


Using Ca Vantage GUI or Web Client, you need to go to "DFSMS Constructs".
Go to "Data Classes" and perform a right click to get the option list of actions.
Select New Joined Object.
Create a new one and when required make a filter based on the criteria: "DS Type". It should be as follow: DS Type INCL EXT/
Then do the JOIN with "Data Sets For System (All) (DTOC4SYS)" entry and use this filter: "DC-Name" <> -NOTSMS OR "DC-Name" <> -NONE. 
Save and execute.
This provides the list of all extended data sets whatever the Data Class name into this Join view.
You can modify the display information to only the fields which are important for you using the View and Output definition. Not forget to save it to keep the changes for next time you will perform the query.

Here is the JOIN definition view sample:

<Please see attached file for image>

Sample of a JOIN for list only extended data sets


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