Report Criteria Filtering option for on-line reports only
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Report Criteria Filtering option for on-line reports only


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In testing Build 183, we noticed that the report filtering option for on-line reports only is missing from the configuration/definition panel. Did this get removed or move between Build 159 which we have in production and the 183 we are testing? Configuration/Report Criteria/on-line reports only


Component: WBVLUW


From the Administration tab, go to Repository, Select your repository, then the Properties tab and under Filter, see Off-line Report Filter Settings. This was moved from a global Configuration setting to a local Repository setting. The local repository setting allows you to either enable or disable the On-line Reports Only checkbox in the Reports filter, and either allow the user to change that setting or not.


Additional Information

There  is currently still only a global setting for 12.1 by Repository.  The suggestion is to set it for the most often type of access used for that Repository.