Localization in CA Identity Portal
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Localization in CA Identity Portal


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Identity Suite can be localized to allow the UI to be displayed in several different languages.

However, it is useful to understand how the portal determines which locale should be used by each user.


SIGMA Portal (all Versions)


Essentially, the selected locale information is saved in a cookie in a user's browser - with the value being the 2-character locale representation, for example:

Cookie Name: com.idmlogic.sigma.web.util.CompoundLocaleResolver.LOCAL
Content: en

In case the cookie is not sent by the browser when visiting Identity Portal, then the server falls back to using the following heuristics to determine the display language:

Priority #1: use the browser language provided that this language is enabled in Identity Portal
Priority #2: use the language defined as "default" in Identity Portal Admin UI configurations.

In some cases, due to specific security configuration on a specific site, we could see that the browser does not store, or perhaps does not sent the relevant cookie, in which case the other 2 priorities will be used to determine the language used.

Additional Information

Further information about localizing of CA Identity Portal can be found in the official documentation