Endevor error C1LB023E (member too large or fragmented)
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Endevor error C1LB023E (member too large or fragmented)


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This document gives the solution to fix an error C1LB023E which occurs on ELIB when the named member is either too large or too fragmented to store in the directory pages for this data set.    

C1LB023E occurs when either the target library is too fragmented or the named member is too large to store in the available contiguous directory pages for this data set.

A target library is the library that receives an update for an element component during action such as Move, Transfer, Add, etc.

This issue mainly concerns ELIBs that are allocated at the final stages of the Endevor map.
I.e. Production DELTA ELIBs rather than BASE ELIBs could be more impacted,  as the change history will increase during lifetime.

Here are a list of some relevant factors that can increase the probability of error C1LB023E:
1) Some ELIBs members use lots of PAGEs.
2) There are some very large ELIBs, with up to several hundred thousand members.
3) Endevor store elements built from a Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) application development environment(1).

(1) 'CASE' are known to build large source code.


Attempt to reorganize the ELIB data set to eliminate space fragmentation, but if the problem recurs, the size of the library must be increased.

Broadcom Support proposes several document that will allow you to resolve the situation.

Here are the steps to resolve the C1LB023E error:

1 - Identify large elements :
Follow guidelines from knowledge document :
How to locate a large element in an Endevor Library(ELIB)

2 - Reorganize the ELIB:
Follow guidelines from knowledge document :
Tips and Techniques for Managing Endevor Elibs

Additional Information

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact your local Endevor Support Team.

For more information on ELIBS please see:
CA Endevor online documentation - Setting up ELIB data sets