Spectrum OneClick Console does not update. The OneClick server appears to hang.
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Spectrum OneClick Console does not update. The OneClick server appears to hang.


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CA Spectrum


Having two CA Spectrum 10.2.* servers with OneClick installed.

The first OneClick server (installed on the primary SpectroSERVER) operates without any issues.

The second OneClick server (installed on the secondary FT-paired SpectroSERVER) shows strange behavior.

If a modeling change is executed from OC-Console login to the second OneClick server(OC2), then a OC-Console view with logon to first OneClick serves detects and displays the updates correctly. However if a modeling change is executed from the OC-Console logon to the first OneClick server, then OC-Console logon to the second OneClick server is unaware of these changes. It appears there is no update. 

The updated modeling is seen again when the OneClick server (OC2) restarted. After that OC/Tomcat service restart both OC-Console logon views are in sync again.
Still - continue to work on modeling the "updates" are not seen again for the OC-Console logon to OC2.

At OC-Server debugging level - here most important the OC-weblogon (which always works fine for OC1 and OC2) - then Administration - then Debugging: here select the Model Domain List - show corrected SpectroSERVERs attached to this OC-server.

The "netstat -an | grep 1400" looks fine too having OC-server TCP sessions established to the SpectroSERVER (OC:<anyport>  -- SpectroSRV:14002 and :14003).
All CORBA resource propagations at SpectroSERVER level are fine (see output for ./bin/VBNS/nsutil list <hostname>)
LocationServer (MLS) and .hostrc configuration is fine. CLI/vnmsh works fine; ./SS-Tools/MapUpdate -view output is correct.


CA Spectrum Install having multiple OC-server accessing the same SpectroSERVER(s). Platform does not matter.

OC-server could run "standalone" or also besides SpectroSERVER install (all in one install - covering SpectroSERVER plus OC-server)


It appears this is related to an "update CORBA listener" problem.

Please double check the OneClick-server configuration file $SPECROOT/tomcat/webapps/spectrum/META-INF --> context.xml file.

Here ensure the parameter vbroker.se.iiop_tp.proxyHost= is accurate covering the local host hostname.
Also ensure hostname resolution is working as expected.