Sliptrap for dump on DC015007 (SOS)
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Sliptrap for dump on DC015007 (SOS)


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Short on storage conditions in an IDMS CV can be difficult to diagnose.
Often a dump is needed.
The message issued, DC015007, is written to the console and CV joblog, not as a #WTL and as such, it is not possible to generate a dump by changing the severity of the message.
A sliptrap must be used.


IDMS, all supported releases.


The proposed slip trap will trigger an SVC dump based on the content of a CA IDMS message to the console.
The message we want to trap is DC015007.
As the slip trap can only be based on the first 10 characters and IDMS messages are prefixed with the text "IDMS ", by default, it is only possible to trap the message text "IDMS DC015".
For catching a short-on-storage condition, this is most likely not a problem as there are only six other messages with this prefix (DC015001-DC015006) and with the possible exception of DC015001, these are messages which are typically not seen very often.
If this is a problem, APARs RO99624 (r18.5) or RO99627 (r19.0) and optional bit 346 can be used.
This will suppress the literal "IDMS " from console messages and therefore the slip trap can be set on DC015007.
Be mindful of the fact that this will result in the "IDMS " text being suppressed from ALL console messages issued by the CV, not just the DC015007.

If you decide to implement the APAR and optional bit 346, the slip trap is as follows:


If you decide not to implement the APAR and optional bit 346, the slip trap is as follows:


job-name is the job name of the CV
SOS1 can be any four-character identifier of your choosing
ML=1 is set so that only one dump is generated. You may want to change this.


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