"WorkPoint database version" Errors are preventing startup
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"WorkPoint database version" Errors are preventing startup


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When trying to boot up your Identity Manager server, the following error appears in the application server log: 

Error message = WorkItemPvt.query() returned com.workpoint.common.exception.WorkflowException. Error message = The WorkPoint database version should be '[version #]' for the WPDS DSN but is found to be not present in the WP_INI table for SECTION_NAME=Database and KEY_NAME=version. This may mean you are running against an incompatible or outdated WorkPoint database version. Please upgrade the WorkPoint database manually, or set the auto.db.create.or.upgrade property to true in the workpoint-server.properties file and restart the server.


Component: SIGMA


If this is occurring after an UPGRADE of Governance:

In the workpoint-server.properties file there is a setting called:

Set this property to true and restart the server. This allows the WP DB to upgrade itself.

The workpoint-server.properties for Identity Manager is located in a directory similar to:
\CA\Identity Manager\IAM Suite\Identity Manager\tools\Workpoint\conf\

For IM version 14.4, the workpoint-server.properties file is located in the below directory:


The workpoint-server.properties for Identity Governance file is located in a directory similar to:

If this is occurring during a FRESH INSTALL of Governance:

Have the DBA drop all tables from the Workpoint database 'WPDS' 
Then attempt to start Governance.