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Delete Process Instances With No Finish Date (or Aborted Processes)


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How do I delete process instances with no finish date - or 'Aborted' processes?


If the job is still running, the job will need to be Cancelled. Once the job is cancelled, it will have a status of Aborted. 

Process instances having a status of Aborted can be deleted with the Delete Process Instance job. The steps to do this are below:

1. Go to Home - Reports and Jobs - Jobs tab
2. Open the job properties for the Delete Process Instance job
3. Run the job with the following parameters:

Process Instance Status: Aborted
Finish Date From: select the Specific Date radio button and leave the date blank
Finish Date To: select the Specific Date radio button and leave the date blank

Note: If any date, including a relative date, is selected on the Finish parameters on the job, the aborted processes will not be deleted. Aborted processes have a blank finish date. 

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