Upgrade to 11.5.X in CA Automation Point NM Database Environment
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Upgrade to 11.5.X in CA Automation Point NM Database Environment


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I am ready to schedule the upgrades of our systems to 11.5. I want to do the NM Database environment first (and the documentation suggests this also). I was thinking of upgrading the backup server first (during the week) and letting it run for a few days. Then, on a Saturday, I would upgrade the primary server (which would change the database schema). Then, the next day (Sunday), I would perform a DR test to make sure I could flip the database and AP processing to the backup server.

(1) What is the minimum privileged role needed to upgrade the Notification Manager Database MDB component?

(2) Do you think the upgrade and deployment plan that I have described above is a good idea?


Supported Versions of Windows Server and SQL Server (follow the links in the Additional Info Section below).


(1) The Windows User Account that you are using to upgrade CA Automation Point to r11.5 should have sysadmin rights in SQL Server DB Instance, as the MDB database component requires this for managing it.

(2) Yes, that sounds like a solid plan and (presumably) after you reactivate the database mirroring, the primary server in production will update the mirror DR system's database with any new Notification Manager policy updates. 

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