Report Scheduler doesn't move report
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Report Scheduler doesn't move report


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CA Business Service Insight


After upgrading BSI to cumulative patch the ReportsScheduler doesn't move the reports in the correct folder.

A scheduled report which is scheduled was generated correctly before the upgrade, but after upgrading to I wasn't able to find any new scheduled report in the %OG_HOME%\Reports\Schedule folder.

This problem is specific to .rtf Booklets, and does not affect report types.


Component: OBLCRE


Noticed after performing troubleshooting steps with database queries, scheduled booklet reports are not getting generated due to report scheduler service crash.

select * from T_SCHEDULES where schedule_id in 'id'
select * from T_SCHEDULES_STATUS where schedule_id in 'id'

select * from t_report_galleries where report_name like '%reportname%' 




To trigger reproduction, set the booklet to calculate at some time in the near future then wait for it to do so. Temp files create, but no final file placed in the correct place, and no errors in log. Permissions are correct, and the scheduler works for other report types. 

A fix is now available for this problem; please contact Support to receive it if you need it immediately, otherwise, it will be rolled into the next cumulative patch release.

Patch version( was developed to resolve this issue. The patch has been tested internally. Note: This patch can only be applied on top of