How do I increase the PAM HDD disk size
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How do I increase the PAM HDD disk size


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PAM 2.8 OVA/AMI comes with 8GB HDD.
It is easy to fill up the disk space.
And when upgraded to 3.x.x which comes with 64bit OS, the 8GB disk space would not be sufficient.
Customer would like to increase the disk size, for example, from 8GB to 120GB.

If I increase PAM servers HDD size, would the increased disk size get recognized?
From test, the HDD size has been raised to 9GB from 8GB but in the PAM GUI Systeminfo it still showed 8GB.


PAM 2.8.x
PAM 3.x.x migrated from 2.8.x


The reason why when you increase the disk size the PAM GUI still does not recognize the increased disk space is because of the partition.
Only the HDD was increased of capacity, not the partition.

There are 2 ways to increase the Disk Volume size on PAM.

1. Increase the HDD while migrating(from 2.8.x to 3.x.x) the PAM.
2. Increase the HDD and manually modify the partition.

The #1 above is the most convenient and safe way to increase the Disk Size on PAM.
When you are migrating the PAM Virtual Machine, you can increase the HDD size first.
Once done, you can perform the migration where you would need to attach a secondary HDD and also mount external Session Recording shared folder and drop the bootstrap file.
During migration, the Primary HDD content would be copied over to Secondary HDD.
Then the Primary HDD file system would be newly created thus the whole disk size would be recognized and partitioned.

The #2 above requires customers to raise a support ticket.
Customer would need to increase the HDD size first and then support can modify the partition accordingly.