Numbers not displayed correctly if color-mapping is defined for numbers with fractional values (like FTE) in New UX


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Numbers are not displayed correctly if color-mapping is defined for numbers with fractional values (like FTE)  in the New User Experience (UX)
  1. Log in as an administrator in the New UX PPM
  2. Go to a Project STAFF grid
  3. Make sure the project has some staff rows with values in Allocation, Actuals, ETC, EAC and have some rows with no or zero values
  4. Flip between FTE / Hours and view data in both units of measure
  5. Go to Administration, Studio, Objects - Team, Attributes
  6. Configure Color Mappings on the following fields - do NOT set a color in the default bucket (set the color range something like 1-99999 so that zeros will go to the default bucket)
    1. Allocation
    2. Actuals
    3. ETC
    4. EAC (attribute = Total Usage)
  7. Go back to the Project STAFF grid with the data 
  8. View the data with HOURS - numbers appear as expected ; except for the default bucket values ; empty cell
  9. View the data with FTE - numbers NOT appearing - cell empty for all values
  10. Go back to Studio and set a color in the default bucket
  11. View the data with HOURS 
  12. View the data with FTE 


This issue is caused by: DE41610. The code is not formatting the number correctly when color mapping is configured.


Component: PPMRSM


This defect DE41610 is fixed in Clarity PPM 15.5.


  • This issue also applies to the Risks, Issues, and Change Requests (RICs) & Project Staff Grids.
  • It applies to any field that has fractional values (such as in the case of FTE).

Workaround: Do not configure colors for fields that will have fractions (especially 0-1 because it will seem like all rows are zero – not just truncated)


Additional Information

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