Active Directory Account Template Behavior IDM 14.1
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Active Directory Account Template Behavior IDM 14.1


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While working on upgrading our IDM environment from 12.6 sp2 to 14.1, we noticed a difference with the Modify Active Directory Account Template task. We have mapped a user store attribute holding a user's Active Directory DN to a custom field in provisioning. We set this value on the template by setting eTADSManager on the DSA for the template. When we create our Active Directory account template on the User tab for manager we see %#eTCustomField02% in 12.6 when going to task Modify Active Directory Account Template. When we do the same in version 14.1, we the value null for the account template value. If I hover over the field in 14.1, a popup shows the value "null (%#eTCustomField02%)". Testing the template works as expected in 14.1. The manager value is populated on the Active Directory account. I want to make sure this method will not break something else, or is the preferred method of mapping a dynamic value to the manager attribute. We do something similar for the user's Active Directory container, but that never showed correctly in 12.6. I will attach screen shots to hopefully clarify. 


Component: IDMGR


Reproduced the same behavior described but this is because the default AD Account Template screens field for Manager is of type Object Selector. If you make a copy of the screens and change the field type to TEXT it displays properly.