How to transfer files to a CA PAM RDP connection?
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How to transfer files to a CA PAM RDP connection?


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


You can transfer files into an RDP session from the RDP client machine to the target server and also vice versa using drive mapping.



Release: Any


Please follow below steps.

1. Go to Global setting -> Applet Customization -> RDP drive mapping : Enabled
2. Before opening the RDP session in the PAM Access Page , hover the mouse and wait for a popup window to appear. Select the local drive you want to map into the RDP session.
3. Finally open the RDP session to the target server, in the session launch any file explorer and locate the drives in the navigator pane on the left.
4. e.g. in the "C on xsuite" drive select the file you want to transfer and copy/paste or drag it to your remote server.

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