Can I view all generated CICS alerts on a single pane?
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Can I view all generated CICS alerts on a single pane?


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I am slowly implementing several alerts. I would like to turn off both MSG and OPSMVS on the CTHRESH view. This reduces traffic to OPSLOG, and eliminates the requirement for an OPSMVS message suppression rule for GSVC100W. I still see the counter increase in CTHRESH.
The problem I have with this is that I cannot find a way, then, to view the alert details. CALERT shows only those for the currently selected region.
At least, that is all I can get it to do.
I have to cycle through each CICS region (and MQ log eventually) to see where the problem occurs.


Component: SYSVW


Issue the SYSVIEW command HELP CALERTS
You will see that there are command parameters which can be entered when you issue the command.
One is CALERTS SYSTEM The SYSTEM parameter will display all CICS address spaces currently being monitored on the current system.
This view can be set up permanently in the PROFILE for the command.
Issue the following SYSVIEW commands:
Select the Miscellaneous Section.
For the Default Parameters enter SYSTEM
Default parameters SYSTEM PROFILE
SAVE (to save the entry) Once you have done this whenever you enter the command CALERTS you should see the Mode entry on the command changed to SYSTEM.
The TRANEND messages come about from the entry on the CCONFIG command THRESHOLD-TASK-END
Help for that entry shows: The CICS data collector monitors transactions as they execute. When a transaction completes, resources used can be evaluated against defined exception rules. The default in the CCONFIG is set to YES
You can set the option to NO dynamically or in the SYSVIEW Parmlib member SVWCOPTS